Our Menu


Reyan Restaurant in Mississauga offers fresh and delicious homemade halal Mediterranean food prepared in traditional Arabic taste. Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local and organic products.
We have wide variety menu including Chicken; Beef and Lamb Shawarma, Falafel, BBQ and more of Arabic Food. We are also famous with our halal catering.
We have been known through our signature dishes such as Arabic Shawarma, Rice and Lamb, Mansaf Jameed, Fried Fish and the Daily Special.


Sandwiches (Wraps)

Regular Falafel 4.OO
Kefta $6.00
Regular Chicken Shawerma $600
Regular Beef Shawerma $7.OO
Regular Lamb Shawerma $8.OO
Regular Chicken/Beef Shish $7.OO
Arabic Chicken Shawerma 8.OO
Arabic Beef Shawerma $9.00
Arabic Lamb Shawerma $10.00
Have Extra Chicken in Sandwich for $1.99
Chicken Escalop $8.00
Gyros $6.00


Side Order

Rice $5.00
Kebbeh $2.50
Garlic Bread $3.00
Lintel Soup $2.50
Plain Kefta Skewer $2.99
Plain Chicken/Beef Shish $3.99
Fries $3.00

Dinner (Plates)

Falafel $10.00
Vegi $12.00
Kefta $12.00
Chicken Shawerma $12.00
Beef Shawerma $13.00
Mix Shawerma (Beef&Chicken) $14.00
Lamb Shawerma $14.00
Chicken/Beef Shish $14.00
Mixed BBQ (Kefta,Chicken,Beef) $17.00
Veal Steak $17.00
Chicken Breast $17.00
Conrdon Bleu $17.00
Chicken Escalop $17.00
fattet hommos $12.00
Fried Fish $25.00
Foul/ , $10.00
Hummos/ Babagannouj/ Yalanji/ Tabbouleh/ Garlic/ $5.00
1LB Plain Chicken Shawerma $30.00
1LB Plain Beef Shawerma $35.00
1LB Plain Lamb Shawerma $40.00
Whole Lamb with Rice $450


Chicken mandi